25.04.2023, 00:00 Uhr

The New Germany, Season 2 - Episode 5: German Schuldenangst

Season 2, episode 5 of our seven-part series The New Germany with historian Katja Hoyer and journalist Oliver Moody is about German Schuldenangst: Where does the German fear of debt come from? What has shaped the German economic memory culture and how well does it reflect Germany's real economic history? Guest: Philippa Sigl-Glöckner, Director & General Manager of the think tank "Dezernat Zukunft" & Former Economist at the Federal Ministry of Finance One year of Zeitenwende – what has or has not changed in Germany? How is Germany perceived on the international stage? And why is everyone talking about the need for a grand strategy? The popular special series is back with season 2. What events have shaped Germany during this watershed year, where is it headed, and how does a look at history help us understand these changes? As hosts, historian Katja Hoyer and journalist Oliver Moody se... mehr

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