09.05.2023, 07:45 Uhr

The New Germany, Season 2 - Episode 6: German Politics in Flux

Season 2, episode 6 of our seven-part series The New Germany with historian Katja Hoyer and journalist Oliver Moody is about German Politics in Flux: How exactly has the party landscape in Germany changed in recent decades? How well equipped are the German parties for the future? How do the power relations between and within the parties work? What does this mean for the democratic self-image of the parties? And what does it mean for the democratic order? Guest: ** Melanie Amann **, Head of the Spiegel Berlin Office One year of Zeitenwende – what has or has not changed in Germany? How is Germany perceived on the international stage? And why is everyone talking about the need for a grand strategy? The popular special series is back with season 2. What events have shaped Germany during this watershed year, where is it headed, and how does a look at history help us understand these change... mehr

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