27.02.2024, 00:00 Uhr

The New Germany, S03E03: Germany and the US: Cowboys and Keynesians

Season 3, episode 3 of our six-part series The New Germany, with historian Katja Hoyer and journalist Oliver Moody, explores the German-American partnership and its deep historical roots. In particular, Germany's integration into the West after the Second World War and the joint defense against threats during the Cold War led to close political cooperation. In recent years, however, this seems to have been put to the test. What values characterize the relationship between Germany and the US? What challenges and changes have transatlantic relations faced so far? To what extent has cooperation changed given the global power struggle in the 21st century? Guest: Ben Hodges, Former Commanding General of the US Army Europe What is the state of German democracy 100 years after the first crisis of the Weimar Republic? Is German democracy better able to deal with crises and problems today? What ... mehr

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