05.03.2024, 11:01 Uhr

History in the Age of Disinformation

History was always a weapon in modern politics. Those who wanted to shape the future knew that it was important to take control over the interpretation of the past. Manipulating visual material emotionally telling the story of historic moments is an approach that is old as the tradition of writing history itself. But does the new quantity and quality of deep faked history in the world wide web lead us into times where fact and fiction cannot be separated from each other anymore, when telling stories of our past? For our March episode we met Jason Steinhauer, founder of the History Communication Institute, to discuss the new quality of manipulating historical narratives in times of deep fake technology. Information about our guest About Jason Steinhauer The History Communication Institute Material used and discussed in the episode Jason Steinhauer, History Disrupted: How Social Media & th... mehr

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