12.03.2024, 00:00 Uhr

The New Germany, S03E04: Made in Germany: Industry and Deindustrialisation

Season 3, episode 4 of our six-part series The New Germany with historian Katja Hoyer and journalist Oliver Moody explores the ups and downs of Germany's economic history. After the Second World War, the country faced the ruins of its industry and infrastructure. This was followed by the so-called 'economic miracle' and the emergence of Germany as one of the world's leading economies. However, the economic success of the 20th century has not protected Germany from the challenges of the present. What factors and events have had a lasting impact on German economic history? And can the economic lessons of the past contribute to a prosperous future for Germany? Guest: Monika Schnitzer, Chairwoman of the German Council of Economic Experts What is the state of German democracy 100 years after the first crisis of the Weimar Republic? Is German democracy better able to deal with crises and prob... mehr

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