29.01.2024, 08:00 Uhr

43 - "A Pharaoh through the Ages" – A Case Study of an Edutainment Podcast project

Sonderfolge - unser Vortrag, den wir beim Egypopcult-Seminar am 26.1.24 gehalten haben! „Mummies & Magic – Ancient Egypt in modern Pop culture“ is the name of our German edutainment Podcast-project. Almost two years ago, and in around 40 episodes so far, we shed light on the reception of ancient Egyptian material culture, its social context, and its reception into today’s pop culture. Our project is therefore a unique combination of our expertise in the historical sciences, mainly Egyptology and Archaeology, with nerd culture. From Moon Knight to Agatha Christie, comics, heavy metal music or games, we illuminate how aspects of ancient Egyptian culture are woven into pop culture. In terms of edutainment, it is our intention to share knowledge in an enjoyable way and to make it accessible to the public. We also value our relationship with our listener community, and are working on ... mehr